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FMR Advisory has been established to help clients prepare and plan for regulatory and development change in the financial markets.



The G20 commitment to control the OTC markets, together with a far tougher approach towards sanctions by the regulators, means that many institutions need to draw in additional help that they can trust.

FMR Advisory works with financial institutions on a confidential basis, to help plan the best approach for their specific business needs. While there are common threads of concern across the industry, we recognise that each institution has their own set of drivers and clients which means that a cookie cutter approach will not match their needs.

We work closely with the management team, matching regulatory impact and change against existing strategic goals, to help form an approach that acknowledges the regulations and will ensure that the business is best placed to remain compliant - while also taking advantage of any opportunities that the particular business may offer. Working closely with the Project Management team we embed ourselves into the business plan to make the plan real.

Capital Market Development.

Countries develop capital markets at their own pace and on occasions find it beneficial to call on outside help to ensure the correct path is taken. FMR Advisory stands ready to focus the wealth of experience that the team can offer, into a financial markets situation to ensure that the desired outcome is attained.

This might be on behalf of a bank operating within a given jurisdiction that is looking to build new expertise or infrastructure, or it could be that the local regulators and central bank would like assistance in achieving a set of development aims for their local markets. Either way FMR Advisory can call on an experienced team of professionals to assist and make the plans real.


Our Values

Having confidence in someone or something is far more than words. Understanding that trust is not simply an idea, but rather a value that runs through the core of the business, is vital in building long term relationships. At FMR Advisory we understand this - and we are building our business with trust at the centre of who we are.

The work that you wish to remain confidential will remain confidential.

We will advise and help you plan, using deep knowledge and understanding to interpret the regulatory impacts - however if we don't know the answer to a question we will tell you. And we will find the answer for you somewhere else from our network of regulatory, legal and consultative contacts.


Robin has a deep knowledge of the regulatory environment in which the whole markets operate. His awareness of the issues and willingness to assist clients solve their problem has provided a backbone for many senior bankers. Making tough investment decisions and ensuring a compliant platform needs the sound advice that external counsel can provide, and FMR Advisory excels. Time spent with Robin’s FMR Advisory is well allocated, and sure to benefit your company.



“I have used Robin’s services in two capacities one at Eurobase and also as Chair of the Committee for Professionalism. Robin has provided wise counsel in the ever evolving complex world of regulation bringing light and clarity to the real issues posed. His all-round knowledge of the subject matter allows holistic solutions to be found and implemented. Robin’s product knowledge makes him a very effective part of the team in designing technology solutions and articulating their value add.”


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